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Insulin supplements to cell culture media - (Jan/18/2011 )


I'm looking at possibly supplementing some of my cell cultures with insulin. Having never done this before, can someone tell me if I can dissolve the insulin (porcine, Sigma) in culture media like DMEM directly (and aliquot, freeze at -20C if needed)? Or do I need to dissolve it in acidified water first? Also, can the insulin supplements be added to the media bottle and stored at 4C or should I be thawing out fresh aliquots and supplementing the media on each day of culture? Thanks in advance!


Hola, I donīt know wath are your cells, but let me give you an easy suggestion. Why donīt you buy a recombinant human insulin for diabetics in the pharmacy? itīs cheap,dissolved, sterile, stable at 4šC and with an exact concentration? Iīm sorry if this donīt proceed. Buena suerte