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FLOW CYTOMETRY - (Jan/18/2011 )

Can we know the diamter of the niosomes through Flow cytometer. We have beckman Coulter Flow cytometer. Please provide me the protocol and the paper related to flow cytometric use in determination of diameter of cell/niosomes.

I have certain graphs which i performed by using Fluorospheres as the base line and niosomes, but I could'nt understand anything Please help


You could try. The FS signal is proportional do the diameter of the object (to quantify it precisely you have to use calibration microparticles with known diameter).

However you have to remeber the basic physics. The minimal particle size detectable is around the laser wavelenght you use in you flow cytometer. That means that for example for argone laser (488nm) you a are not able to detect particles smaller than 0.5 micrones. But it is an ideal situation. In real life the minimum size of analyzable particle is around 1 microne (1000nm)

-Denis Baev-