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Grant Writing Basics - (Jan/18/2011 )


Iím new at writing major grants, and now find myself needing to write a major grant to fund myself and my work. So, I was wondering if more experienced researchers could share their bits of wisdom for us, newbies in this field.
One specific question I also have is regarding old grant proposals. Is it ok to review old (and successful) grant applications to help you write your own?. For example, for the topic Iím thinking on writing about, I found a couple of researchers who have written successful grants with similar topics (but different organism), so Iím wondering if it would be ok to ask them for a copy of their grant proposal? From my experience some people are ok with sharing this, others not so much...

thanks for any input,



Personally, I think there is no problem to insipre from other's style and rationale.
There are many books and manual about how to write proposal. Everybody, including committee members, knows that science and knowledke are universal language and people often tailor their needs based on other's ones.
You cans tailor your proposal for your own with appropriete modifications proper to your project.
I don't see any inconvenient in this. You don't make violation for whatever copy rights. You don't steal results nor patent!
You just inspire from other style.