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garlic tissue culture final project - (Jan/16/2011 )

erm, i hv problem to determine concentration of my ms agar.. what i know, i do mix 0.44g of ms powder in 100ml.

i need to know the concentration becoz i need to add growth hormone.

is this correct :

stock solution hormone = ms agar
thats why i need to know my ms concentration, but i dont know how..

and one thing, is hormone BAA is thermobile?


You first need to find out if the hormone is present in Murashige and Skoog powder (Murashige, T., and Skoog, F., A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue cultures. Physiol. Plant. 15, 473-497, (1962)). IF it is then, subtract that amount from the amount you need to add...

Otherwise, the concentration of the hormone is independent from the MS medium... you can calculate the concentration in the same way you would for any other chemical using the molecular mass, the weight added and the volume (n=m/Mr and c=n/v)


Thank you for information ! I was looking for it from long time and got it here. This information is quite useful for me.
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