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Best Book for Immunology Methods - (Jan/05/2011 )

I've started Post graduate training in Immunology 6 months ago at a particular dept of Immunology which provides, Routine Immunology, Autoimmunity, Transplant Immunology and Immunodeficiency Diagnostic & advisory services. My 1st year involves a basic orientation with Immunology in its Celllular/Molecular, Clinical & Practical Aspects.

Now the basic reading list for this year goes like this:

1. Cellular and Molecular Immunology:by Abul K. Abbas MBBS, Andrew H. Lichtman MD PhD, and Shiv Pillai MD

2. Medical Immunology - Paperback (Mar. 23, 2001) by Tristram G. Parslow, Daniel P. Stites, Abba I. Terr, and John B. Imboden.

3. CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: A PRACTICAL APPROACH. - Hardcover (Jan. 1, 1991) by H. C. & H. Chapel (edits). Gooi

As I am going through these books, I've found that the book CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: A PRACTICAL APPROACH. (serial 3) is very old i.e. published in 1991. A number of protocols it mentions are changed and need frequent cross checking from more recent sources(e.g internet)

Please advise me about a more current book on the Practical Methods of Clinical Immunology on the lines of CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: A PRACTICAL APPROACH, which could be useful.

Thank u


Dr Umair Riaz
Resident Pathologist
Dept of Immunology

-Doc Imm-

I urgently need helpful advice about an IMMUNOLOGY METHODS TEXT please

-Doc Imm-

I have the following: Practical immunology 4th edition (Au:Frank C. Hay, Olwyn M.R. Westwood) 2002.