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QIAGEN RNeasy Mini Kit - (Jan/05/2011 )

Hi! :) 

I am new at my lab, so I was cleaning after former member of the lab and came across a RNeasy Mini Kit 7 years old :D The reagents are surely done, I would not experiment, but can I maybe use the rest of RNeasy Mini Columns that contain silica membrane-could they survive such a long period (they were stored at RT)? 


I think that the reagents should also be OK, unless ethanol or 2-mercaptoethanol was added. Otherwise, they are just buffer solutions that should be OK even after 7 years unless of course they look funny or have things floating in them.


thanx :)
they do not look like contaminated, but I am concerned about their concetration. I am not sure if they are still the same.. But maybe I will give it a try. :)

cheers :)