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Tris Glycine Buffer - (Jan/04/2011 )

Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum, would appreciate some help!

I came across Tris Glycine Buffer in one of my lab's protocols for immunostaining.

Google told me that it is used in many other techniques such as westerns and sds-page but cant seem to find out the purpose it serves in immunostaining

Can anyone shed some light?



western is immunostaining...

tris-glycine buffer is the transfer buffer.


Tris glycine is the running buffer!


Thanks for the replies

But I think I might have been vague or incorrect when I said 'immunostaining'

What we are doing is using tissue sections of rat brains and staining with antibodies conjugated with fluorescence

There is one step midway through the protocol that requires me to incubate the sections with Tris Glycine Buffer for 15 minutes

The purpose of this step is what eludes me


I'd say you can skip the tris glycine unless the pH is important.