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using eppendorfs for long term storage at -80C - (Jan/04/2011 )

Hi, I work in an isolated area in Asia, and often need to store samples for long periods at -80 degrees celsius prior to analysis. Does anyone have any experience using eppendorf vials for long term storage at this temperature? I'm concerned about lids popping/brittleness. We normally use cryovials (Nunc or similar) with screw top lids, however, with very small volumes of serum (eg from very small birds) its easier to recover sample from eppendorfs.

THanks for any advice,

-Leanne Clark-

At least the original Eppendorf Safe-lock tubes should be safe for this. Though they're expensive. The company has a website with the features and technical information.


i have never faced any problems... i use axygen tubes!!


I have stored bacterial samples (glycerol stocks, competent cells) and had no issues.