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96 well plate plan that converts into a list automatically - (Dec/29/2010 )

I want to be able to enter identification numbers for the contents I have in every well of a 96 well plate on a 8 by 12 grid and then automatically get a two column list of of each well number and its content identification number (e.g. one column with well number: A1, B1, C1, D1...., and another with the respective contents identification number). Anyone know an easy way to do this? Perhaps an excel macro of some sorts?



Figured it out. Put your sample IDs up top and they will appear in list format below. Its locked without a password to keep us from messing it up.

See attached
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Did you create a macro to do this? I'm trying to figure this out right now too - have alot of 96 well data to get through - would be so much easier to compare as lists. Thanks!