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mutated HeLa cells? - from cycloheximide? (Dec/23/2010 )

Hello all,

I keep a plate of HeLa cells that I maintain once every few days.
A few weeks ago, I used a lab mate's DMEM which I did not know contained cycloheximide.

Well, since I began using a fresh bottle of DMEM with 5% FBS and gentamicin, the cells are more confluent.

However, I have noticed some changes in cell morphology and I feel this may have affected my experimental results so far.

Is there a possibility that CHX, being a mutagen, may have caused a non-lethal mutation that may affect cellular functions?

I'm wondering if I should discard my cells and start with a fresh batch.



"When in doubt, throw them out." It is better to get fresh cells that you know are fine than to worry that your results are not what was expected and may not be reproducible.