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mitochondria storage - solution needed within the next 1 hr at least - long term storage (Dec/22/2010 )

Hey folks!

I isolated mitochondria from fresh rat liver couple hours back. They normally stay stable for 6hrs only.

I need to do a respiration expt. sometime using a clarke electrode.

i was wondering if its ok to flash freeze them and store them in -80C?

i resuspend my mitos in STE buffer. should i store the aliquots with the buffer? or should i just store the pellet? any differences?

i hope i can thaw out my mitos after vacation and still use it for the clarke respiration expt.

i have just 2hrs left to decide. let me know



i used to shell freeze mitochondria isolated from cauliflower and use it later for enzyme complex isolation. it may or may not work for you and may or may not give altered results.

if you would otherwise throw them away then you may want to aliquot and try several storage techniques (eg- flash freeze, store in glycerol at -20C, -80C, etc) then compare the results to fresh.

at the very least, you will know for the future.