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FACS machine to sort individual clones into each well of a 96-well plate? - (Dec/12/2010 )

Hi, what sort of set up is needed to use a FACS machine to put single cells into each well of a 96-well plate? I want to manipulate a sample of cells and then separate them out into individual clones in multiple 96-well plates. Will there be some sort of robotic add-on which interfaces with the FACS machine so that it gets moved? Also, I'll needed to check afterwards that each well contains only a single well. Is there a way I might use a machine to do this? Checking each well by eye is gonna be slow and how could I be sure I didn't miss a cell?


Usually you have a robotic stage, which moves your plate. Depends on the machine, I guess. Asking your FACS facility is best, I guess... Make sure you use the 100um nozzle!
I usually checked some wells by eye for single cell deposition. If you check 10% of all wells, you'll get a good idea of the quality of the sort.