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Need help - How we can design primer for miRNA (Dec/09/2010 )

I am just started microRNA work, so I don,t know much about this.
I want to know that How we can design real-time pcr primer for microRNA? Or there is any site which contain primer list of known mouse microRNA. I did microRNA array and I got, some microRNA showing different expression with treatment of my compound. so now I want to confirm by Real time.
I know there is some company have commercial Realtime PCR kit, but that one quite expensive for us.
So please if someone can explain about this.
Thank you in anticipating


What company were you looking at for real-time analysis?
You can order individual primer sets for miRNA here:
Its relatively inexpensive. There's also a RT-qPCR profiling service that would also help to confirm your profiling. Microarray is not really that reliable.