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Mass spectrometry for dummies? - (Dec/06/2010 )

Dear forum members,

does anyone know any book/review to learn mass spec (MALDI,TOF, and all that jargon!) for beginners? I would be happy to learn the basics, the conceptual points, I donīt need to know the mathematical details.
Thx in advance!



I don't know much about books, since I've also learnt it through web only, I can tell u the links. Here is one link, u may be aware of this-

Hope this helps.



you can refer to this book :

"instant notes Analytical chemistry " D.Kealey & P.J.Haines
to know about mass spectrometry or any other of the analytical techniques..
to understand the basic principles.

i ,too, referred to the web for further understanding...
esp. those with figures and animations ...
no one on mind now, but googling will do ...

All The Good Luck :)


I like this book. Its cheap, to the point, and cuts out all the Jargon: The Handbook of Basic Mass Spectrometry for Biologists and MTs by Benjamin Orsburn. Its available on amazon here: