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Histology tech other than H and E for Frozen section - (Dec/04/2010 )

Hi, All

I am looking for some techniques to stain frozen section to just see the morphology.

and I know usually HE works OK, but my section is not really looks good on HE (maybe due to it is frozen section not parrafin)

Anyway, if you know any other easy to satin methods to see the morphology of frozen section, please let me know.

Thanks in advance


Hey Rnotk,

What exactly are you looking for? Or what are you trying to see? It also depends on the tissue you are sectioning. H&E stain is a common stain to do on frozen sections. Could you provide more information?

The best reference for histology and cryosectioning techniques I recommend: Carson, Freida L, Histotechnology a Self-Instructional Text. 3rd Edition. (ISBN:978-0-89189-581-7). They give excellent protocols, discuss the theory, and they even have an excellent troubleshooting section with pictures at the end of each chapter.

I hope this helps and Good luck!

With regards,

Pamela Williams
Laboratory Technician at Protea Biosciences, Inc.


have a look round your lab - any old stain will do really if you are just after morphology - even eosin on its own is cool

eg - one of my own inventions ... the "E+E" ethidium bromide + eosin.. works equally well under light or flourescant microscope.

the fact its frozen shouldnt really be a problem... unless it isnt sticking to the slide properly.. have you tried coating the slides with A.P.E.S.