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Anomalous asymmetrical gel - (Nov/29/2010 )

Briefly, I have been consistently running gels with the same batch of buffer that has always worked. I always load a DNA ladder on both sides of the gel. Essentially, Only one side of the gel (the right side always) shows markers. I know that I did not just forget the markers because I can see the dye right in the gel. In this case, my samples are not a useful guide because I'm optimizing a protocol and this iteration didn't work. I also checked to be sure that the UV bulbs were working (not just a case of one bulb being burnt out in the transilluminator).

This has happened twice with the last two gel I have run.

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Many thanks,



After taking a picture of the gel, rotate the gel 180 degrees and take another picture. The results will let you know if you have something wrong with your gel or with the transilluminator. My guess is you have a bulb going bad, and you can check this by swapping the bulbs. If there isn't a problem with your transilluminator/imaging setup, I have no idea how this could happen.

-David C H-