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Looking for "biocell" from the forum archives. - Cell culture contamination problems.... (Nov/29/2010 )

Our lab is recently having some problems with a contaminant we got from a communal water bath (lesson learned...). We do not want to throw the culture away if it can be saved, as this was a hard-won line and the contaminants don't seem to be affecting my cells. The contamination has been...weird. In trying to figure out exactly what was going on, I did many internet searches, and I found this post from "biocell" on the forum archives, which is identical to the problem in our lab:

Some people responded to the post, but biocell never posted a resolution to the problem. Therefore, I'm trying to hunt this person down to see what happened, if the problem was solvable, etc.

Any leads?


And now I just -1'ed myself by trying to delete this post. I think I may have found this person.