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Hybridoma maturation... is that possible? - (Nov/25/2010 )

Dear forum members,

Is it possible for a hybridoma to still "mature" its antibody genes? It is known that, in vivo, memory B-cells go through a process of gene mutation in the hypervariable regions. This process helps to fine-tune antibody specificity. Could these mutation take place once the hybridoma is formed? If the answer is "NO" because the B-cells used for the phusion have already undergone this process...what happens if one produces phusions in earlier immunization stages?
I will appreciate your comments a lot.



the answer is NO. Affinity maturation proceeds by hypermutation in germinal centers in secondary lymphatic organs. If you fuse cells at earlier stages in the immune response you will most likely get a) less cells to begin with and b.) more low affinity IgM.