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H-ras transformed RK3E/tv-a cells - (Nov/25/2010 )


Currently I'm culturing H-ras transformed RK3E/tv-a cells.

The cell morphology appears the same as in a photo from Fu SL, et al. Biobhemical and Biophysical Resarch Communities 338 (2005)830-838, and the medium shows no signs of microbial contamination, but the medium turns yellow from red (not completely) in only one day and the cells still remain same morphology and growing fast ( 13.5 hr cell cycle). However, the last cell line I cultured, H9c2 cardiomyoblasts, took 4-5 days to turn medium to yellow. Just why this H-ras transformed cell line have such property?

Thanks a lot.


I contacted ones who cultured this cell line and they said it's a normal situation because medium turning yellow is one of its properties and the cell morphology is good. I think I'll be cool with it.