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Ki-67 - no difference bwteen tumor suppressor gene vs ctrl (Nov/22/2010 )


Overexpresison of my gene of interest reduces the tumor growth in nude mice compared to vector transected control. I did ki-67 staining on my mouse xengraft sections and there is a strong staining for ki-67 in both the vector transfected xenogtaft and xenograt from overexpression of my gene? I'm a bit puzzled.


Have you checked apoptosis? Maybe your gene works by inducing cell death, not by reducing cell proliferation.



Check by flow (DNA content together with Ki-67 staining) if possible. It will give your more usefull information about your cells.

-Denis Baev-

Perhaps the antibody you used is not very specific. There was one that used to work for IHC-Parrafin but has since changed and doesn't work anymore.