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resolving and stucking gel solutions - (Nov/21/2010 )

Hi all,
Im used to prepare the resolving gel by adding 1.5M Tris-Hcl pH 8.8 to other ingredients of SDS,APS; acrylamide, temed and water for the stucking gel, i used 0.5M Tris-Hcl pH 6.8. However, in my new lab, they are using 1M tris-HCl ph 8.8 for the resolving and 1M tris ph6.8 for the stucking!!
For me, its not very common, so, i follow this method, and it seems working, but im wondering if this could affect in some how my gel is good...
thanks for advice


Are the final concentrations of all the components the same (i.e. you add less water to the mix in the new lab)? If so, the gels should be fine, if not, then there may be a problem with migration and sharpness of the bands.


thanks for your reply! i checked right now the final concentrations, they are similar!