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Useful units of concentration - Which ones should I learn? (Nov/21/2010 )

I am comfortable with molarity (M), molality (m), %(w/w), %(v/v), and %(w/v). I do have some problems with normality (I am an abnormal person you see...ok not funny :lol: ) and I wanted to know if I should bother learning this for the lab; I want to start working as a lab assistant/tech.



Hola, Donīt worry about normality,all the buffers that people use in literature are in % or molarity. The normality is the molarity multiply for the carge of anion or cation per the number of atoms, for instance a 5M SO4H2 is 10N. About your question in the other message all the asumptions that you and the moderator says are correct,that you say about the 50ml of 1M sol that sounds mM for you, is that in 50ml of a 1M sol we have 1/20 mols that is the same that 50mmoles, but the solution is 1M. Good luck in your new job


thank you kindly!