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Exposing Cell Lines to Drugs Metabolized by Liver Microsomes - (Nov/19/2010 )


I can't find much resources on this so if anyone could help me out that would be great. I'm wondering if anyone has a protocol or ever done any in virtro toxicity testing with drugs that have been incubated with liver microsomes before. I can't seem to find any papers on this method.

Basically, I would like to take a drug, incubate it with liver microsomes, and then take this solution and add it to a cell line to study the effect of the metabolized drug on the cell line. I know there are many protocols on using liver microsomes to metabolize a drug but I can't find any that expose the metabolites to cells. Is it ok to just take the metabolzied solution with the microsome and add it directly to cell media?

Thanks for any advice!


Note: I have never done these experiments...

I guess you could do it the way you suggested, so long as you have appropriate controls - i.e. wells with microsomes but no drug; wells without microsomes, but some of the drug treated medium; wells with metabolised drug but no microsomes... etc.