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siRNA in vivo delivery - (Nov/18/2010 )

has anyone tried Ambion In Vivo siRNA and Invivofectamine 2.0 delivery reagent? siRNA by itself is not delivered anywhere, when injected iv, ip, etc. You definitely need a delivery reagent, but there is nothing that WORKS on the market. We tried reagents from Altogen and BIOO Scientific, both don't work. Trying to figure out if anyone tried the above products from Life Tech. Looks like they were launched recently, and I could not find any papers reporting their successful use.


Where exactly do you want to target and by what route (systemic vs local)? Keep in mind that all lipid based devliery agents end up 90% in the liver if delivered systemically.


I tried it with Stealth RNAi in liver and it worked really well ! great knockdown and durable.