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Procedures/Duties that starting lab assistants would do - HELP! (Nov/17/2010 )

Hi I am applying for a lab assistant/lab tech position. I have a BS in human biology and laboratory course work but no real work experience. So I wanted to study up on protocol and the how to's of basic lab work. What are some procedures that are commonly given to beginning lab assistants to take care of, and if you could show me reference material that would really be helpful when I start studying, thanks!


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Making solutions and buffers correctly is a big one - have a look on the protocols page of this website for protocols for preparing many different solution. The actual techniques used in the lab will depend on what the lab looks at (DNA, RNA, protein, bacteria...)


practice pipetting (with all different types of pipettes available, not just micropipettes) and weighing until they are second nature. accurate measuring is important in almost every procedure.