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Agarose gel electrophresis - (Nov/15/2010 )

Hello.... I have a question regarding the agrose gel electrophoresis.. Is there any way to differentiate betwen two bands having a few base pair differences i.e. 122bp and 119bp.. help
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-Bilal Malik-

You could try resolving on a polyacrylamide gel. Like in the old days of sequencing. The problem with PAGE is that you cannot add EtdBr directly into the gel, so you have to incubate the gel in EtdBr after electrophoresis and the contrast is not quite the same. Otherwise it works.


I agree with upstairs, you can not distinguish 121bp and 119bp with agarose electrophoresis. Good luck.


10nx alot for your replies ... will try it with PAGE..lets see if it works.... 10nx again

-Bilal Malik-