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Nephelometry Practical Procedure Please?! Anyone? - What reagents etc and how much? (Nov/12/2010 )

I have spent days looking for a practical procedures for me to carry out quantitative immunoglobulins test (nephelometry) but havn't found one yet. i am after what methods are done and using what reagents please. A practical schedule would be the best thing i am looking for.

I was wondering if someone could help. any links, ideas etc would be great thanks.


There are many manufacturers that have test kits for this type of test (ie testing for human IgG, M, etc). The first place to start for ANY development of a test that is already in the market place or similar to one in the market (for sale) is to obtain package inserts. Examine them for information ie similarities, buffers, components, concentrations etc.

Here is a starting point for you:

Specific antibodies are readily avialble from a number of sources. Chemicals are common and widely available.

There are other package inserts and you should examine them for analytical range and any missing information that you may need.

let us know if you need additional help.