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softwares - softwares can be used for bioinformatics (Apr/17/2002 )

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can any body tell me about what kind of softwares can be downloaded from www for bioinformatics,

other than clasta x

thanks in advance



why did not I go into it?
Can you tell me more?


this is my website... these softwares are freely downlodable . you can download from the internet. if you are not able to download all/any the softwares send me a mail i will send cd


There are some freely available internet-based resources: e.g.

for restriction analyses and

for some other applications (promotor prediction, etc.) ....


Never give up - never surrender!


You could try which is a directory of mostly free software for use in molecular biology and bioinformatics

-jonnyr9- is a useful website!


will you be so kind to tell me which sofe can be used to analyse the interreaction strength of two proteinsú┐ Thank you very much.


Hai srimtech,

could your help me to download your program. I could able to download it or open it.




I don't know well about this topic. But I'm interesting to it very much. Your website ( don't let me to download . Please mail for me:

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