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cell culture media - (Nov/10/2010 )

I kept my DMEM media overnight at waterbath by mistake. Shall I discard that?


The biggest problem is likely to be degradation of the labile compounds in the medium such as l-glutamine. However, remember that you incubate cells in this medium for several days at 37 without problems, so I don't think leaving it in the waterbath overnight will be too much of a problem so long as you don't make a habit of it.


bsp237 on Wed Nov 10 15:24:03 2010 said:

I kept my DMEM media overnight at waterbath by mistake. Shall I discard that?

My motto is:-

"If in doubt then chuck it out".

A bottle of media is cheap....the experiments you might do with them can be very expensive. The idea with research is not to change standard operating procdures (SOP)and by using this media that's what you are doing. I have read papers where it has been reported that light senstive proteins in media can be affected by long periods of light exposure. Remember that media is usually stored in a cold room or upright fridge ...with the lights off. The media also comes in cardboard boxes which again protects it from light when delivered. I know of some researchers in my Institute that cover the media bottle in silver foil, again to protect it from the light.

Question: Is there a light in a CO2 Incubator ?

Sorry bob1, but on this ocassion I disagree with you advice.


I would have to agree with the motto as well.

It would be far easier to make a new bottle of media than to sit worrying about your experimental results (or potentially lack thereof)

In our lab, if a media bottle is accidentally left anywhere but in the fridge overnight, it's chucked and a new one made.