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Cell Uptake Study - (Nov/05/2010 )

I've been using Triton X-100 to lyse the cells before fluorescence detection, and while it has been working, it isn't the easiest to work with due to the excessive amount of bubbles it creates as well as it's viscosity. Both of these factors make it very challenging to deliever a consistent amount to each well, or to remove a consistent amount from the wells to use for a protein assay. Other than warming up it up, is there anything else that will make it easier to work with? I've been using it in a 10:1 solution with PBS (300uL of PBS with 30uL Triton into each well of the 24 well plate), is this dilution making the situation worse?

Thanks again!


Most lysis buffers will contain about 0.5% triton rather than 10%.