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what will happen if my cell culture have exposed to unfiltered air for a few sec - (Nov/05/2010 )

When i was doing cell culture today, one of my friend show up in lab and i chat with him as usual. However, because i didnt get enough sleep recently, i cant pay much attention to what i was actually doing (i just do them automatically). We chat, chat chat......and i suddenly realize that i was holding my cell culture flask with lid opened outside the hood. i flame the flask immediately but i dont know whether it was already too late. Cells are valuable sample obtained from patient. This is my first project in Mphil and i dont want to screw them up.

I know this is a silly mistake and silly question but i really want to know whether there is anyone having similar experience as me.


probably nothing.

there is a slight chance of bacterial contamination... but very slight.

don't worry too much.



thank you,bro~

after continue for culturing for 1 week, i can now ensure that it has no contamination. What a relief!