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safety of CTAB? - (Nov/02/2010 )

I'm using CTAB in an Amazonian lab that lacks a fume hood, and can't seem to find any useful information on its toxicity (the MSDS contains all the usual boilerplate, very little specific info). What precautions do people generally use with CTAB, both in powdered stock form and in solution? Is this a benchtop chemical, or something to fear/respect?


CTAB is a detergent. It is as dangerous as SDS.

Thus the solution is safe so long as you don't drink it or wash your eyes in it. Same as any other detergent.

And similar to any powdered detergent, work with CTAB powder should be done in a fumehood. Breathing in detergent powder of any kind is harmful to your lungs.

As far as harmful chemicals go, I would call CTAB a bench top chemical, especially the solution. CTAB powder can be kept in a closed container on the bench, but I would only open the container in a fumehood.