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Research block - (Nov/02/2010 )


I'm in a situation that no scientist really wants to be in. I'm currently a graduate student in a microbial ecology program, and I'm having trouble coming up with a new research topic. I've had projects in the past, but they failed me for various reasons. I'm currently trying to come up with a new research proposal, but for some reason I just can't formulate any good ideas/questions/hypotheses. I don't really know what to do and I need to have a plan ASAP. Has anyone experience this before? Do you have any helpful tips? Thank you


Is there a certain subject you would like to stay within? i.e fungus, bacteria, etc.


BIOmotion on Wed Nov 3 00:12:47 2010 said:

Is there a certain subject you would like to stay within? i.e fungus, bacteria, etc.

bacteria...the lab I'm currently in most of our research is based out of the salt marsh. We (as a lab) has focused mostly on plant-bacteria interactions and bacteria in burrows.


Why don't you talk to your supervisor? He or she has a bigger picture of the goal of the research and should be able to assist you to get back on the track.


Perhaps you need to be inspired, have a look at lateral Pubmed, it would be a way nourish your creativity.


I know Fungus interacts with bacteria a lot. Look into some subjects with Fungus. (I'm currently researching on fungus with windshield wiper fluid for cars)


Quorum sensing
Drug resistance

or you can try to find out how about the occurrence of New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase NDM-1 in your backyard....

-adrian kohsf-

How about the change of storm sewer microflora in response to a contaminant (e.g. antifreeze or sidewalk deicer)?

If you need an excuse to practice your chipping, how about doing something with water hazards on golf courses?

-lab rat-