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Question - (Nov/02/2010 )

Hello all,

I have a question regarding thawing and using the frozen viral stocks. Some protocols say that we should use the virus immediately after thawing, that is - thaw quickly in a 37 water bath (like frozen cells) etc.. While some protocols say 'don't add cold virus to the cells' so, if I thaw the virus and wait for a few minutes, will the virus be killed? Since it does not have any DMSO, I think virus would not be killed upon thawing. Please let me know different views on this topic.



The not adding cold virus is so as to not temperature shock your cells. If you are only adding a small volume of virus relative to the volume of medium, I wouldn't worry about this effect.

A few minutes at 37 shouldn't kill the virus, though this might depend on the type of virus.