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How about Exiqon miRCURY miRNA PCR system? - (Oct/31/2010 )

Hi, I am new in the miRNA field. Are the Exiqon products good? For miRNA real-time PCR, I am debating btw the ABI Taq-man and the Exiqon LNA miRNA PCR system. Which one is better? Thanks a ton!


Consider using a company like ABM ( to do a custom profiling service for you. Cheaper overall and easier since all you need to do is send in your samples.


I highly recommend ABI TaqMan microRNA Assays, they come with the reverse transcription and qPCR primers, and they're very well-optimized. However, you would need to buy miRNA reverse transcription kit and qPCR master mix from them to get the best result, but they might be a little costly.