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Invitation to join the largest Cytogenetics discussion group on the Web - Invitation to join (Oct/29/2010 )

I regceived this message in my inbox the other day I thought I pass it on to everyone who might be interested to join too:

I would like to invite you to join the largest online cytogenetics
discussion group on the web.
Its free to join. Its a friendly and helpfulgroup to
discuss: blood/bone marrow/solid tumour/prenatal/skins/POC cytogenetic
methodologies, as well as animal & plant cytogenetics including molecular cytogenetics.
Trouble-shooting all cytogenetic problems such as harvesting problems, banding and cell culture.
Please invite others you feel would benefit from joining too.
Group Moderator"


Thanks Arthur i have joined the Cytogenetics discussion group...its everything I hoped for...thx again for alerting us!