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Resolving cell growth problems using growth additives - way to resolve urgent cell growth problems (Oct/28/2010 )

Hello members, from time to time our lab has had cell growth problems which have been difficult to keep on top of!, however recently we have been using a type of 'rescue' remedy that has helpped get the cells back on track looking healthier with an improved growth rate. The product is called Resolve its a type of growth supplementwith heaps of nutrients thati simply added to your existing culture medium & most importantly it is suitable for all animal cell types. The supplier is Diybioindustries Pty their email is, worth a go if you find yourself stuck with nowhere to go!!


The "Resolve" grwoth supplement has gotten us out of trouble several times also. I wish more labs new about its magical growth promoting properties. We have used it in the past to help slow growing cell lines after liquid nitrogen recovery and also to help establish cell lines from borrows cells from other seems to assist the FCS in promoting rapid cell proliferation.


Hi guys, Resolve has gotten us out of several grwoth problems over the last year! Thanks for letting other know about it. It also helps with sick cells that have been saved using antibiotics


Hi everyone probably the best growth additive I have come across was initially only used in cytogenetics bone marrow cell culture. The product is called BMGS which i think stands for Bone MArrow Growth Supplement. We have been using the supplement when we first start to experience growth problems with our cell lines. Its best to use a 10% supplementation in your culture medium.The vendor we use is Rainbow Scientific. I highly recommend it as it has gotten us out of problems many a time!