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I novel way to improve hybridisation probe signals using Cytoclear - removing cytoplasm using Cytoclear (Oct/28/2010 )

Hello everybody over the years we have had persistent & frustrating problems with cytoplasm and its affect on hybridisation probes. Its become clear to me that pre-treatment to remove cytoplasm from samples is key to enable efficient and successful hybridisation of the probe to the target DNA. Excess cytoplasm can result in samples requiring a longer hybridisation time or complete failure of the probe to hibridise to the chromosomal DNA. We resently purchased a product called Procell Cytoclear and have discovered that it greatly improves preparations and FISH studies by removing cytoplasm around the targest cell. We heard about it from a Google Cytogenetics Discussion forum.I have attached a link from the vendors website to help others obtain product info about Cytoclear (


Thanks for letting the cat out off the bag! Its been our secret weapon to combat cytoplasm this last year. It certainly works a treat & is very simple to use... However our vendor for Cytoclear is Rainbow Scientific ( It will certainly improve the FISH probe work.


Our lab has used Cytoclear to enhance our F.I.S.H probe signals, it certainly has made our work easier!! Our lab recommends its use to anyone. The principle behinds its use seems to be complete and total removal of cytoplasmic film around the target DNA.


good thing to know.


This is an excellent product!!! Cytoclear most certainly has enhanced our ISH probe signals making analysis significantly quicker/easier. Highly recommend it, however I am suprised its not well known in molecular biology circles, any ideas why?!... it might be the fact that it was originally sold to cytogenetics lab to remove cytoplasm around metaphases, hence assisting chromosome spreading and banding. I hope others will discover its benefits soon?