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IGg or F(abī)2 Fragment of IgG - HRP-conjugated secondary antibody (Oct/26/2010 )


I;m new to IHC and selection of secondary antibody and would appreciate any help.

I have to perform IHC on paraffin embedded sections using primary mouse b-catenin antibody. I'm having diffculty selecting a secondary antibody and for financial reasons, have to choose one from Santa Cruz. Also, I require HRP conjugated secondary antibodies.

I did some searching and Santa Cruz only offers goat anti-mouse IgG, F(ab')2-HRP secondary antibody (sc-3697). Is this suitable for my purpose. I have in the past used IgG-HRP conjugated and thus not sure.

Thank you


It should be fine. Fab fragments are smaller and should enter cells better than full size IgG.