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writing a report on lab diagnosis of a disease - just need basic info - Takes seconds- please help! (Oct/18/2010 )

Can anyone help me find a good report which has been written after carrying out on experiments on sputum from patient and then finding the micro-organism responsible for the infection. I searched pubmed but can't find one. Help!

Background for those with more time to read:

Our project was to find the organism responsible for a patient's respiratory tract infection. We've done all experiments and research and have come up with the organism- either E. faecalis or E.faecium. We now we need to write a report on that and the report should include title, method, results, discussion and references. I want to write a really good report but wanted to see reports that have been previously done on similar grounds...but havn't been able to find any such reports online and wondered if you could help?


Hmmm, you may not find one specifically for bacterial identification from sputum, but you could search for lab report model answers, which may find something useful.