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Strange SDS gel after Western Blotting - (Oct/13/2010 )

Could someone have a look at the picture of the SDS-PA gel below? It shows the gel after recombinant protein samples were electrophoresed then blotted onto a PVDF membrane for a Western. The gel was then Coomassie stained/destained. We would normally expect just the one ~42kDa band (possibally with a few contaminant bands) in the middle of the gel, which is there, but there is a strange speckling throughout the entire gel.

The Western Blot result is also shown and makes no sense either (but that's most likely a separate issue).



-Off the Leish-

staining of the gel, this is normal after transfer (i think it may be caused by the texture of the filter paper).

i can't make out the blot (too dark).