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write up of project proposal and fitting into the lab - (Oct/05/2010 )

Guten Tag!

Im a new PhD student and I have been asked to write up my project proposal. Was wondering does anyone have any good tips or advice about how to do so? would be appreciated, and any tips in to how to fit into a lab, finding it a a little tough. Danke!


First thing is to sort out a reference management system so that when it comes to final writing up, you already have references entered, starting from the very start of your project. You need to enter the references into this system regularly so that you have a good collection.

Second, sort out outline... give some background (references are essential here), hypotheses you have for the project and some experiments you will need to do to check the hypothesis), some potential results (i.e. what is expected of the experiments) and reference it all if possible.

Third, Ask people, others in the lab may be able to help with things you don't understand, especially for background information.

As to fitting into a lab - if in doubt - ASK, especially when it comes to chemicals, biologicals and equipment. It is better that you do something correctly so that you are not wasting your time or the time of other people who may have to fix your mistakes (e.g. spills, broken equipment, wasted expensive reagents).
-Be prepared to learn
-Be tidy and well organised.
-Keep good records (lab books). Write down everything, you never know when you will need that info. Label your diagrams/images correctly and fully.
-Follow the rules, they are there for your protection and protection of others.