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Apoptosis induction - for vero and mcf-7 cells (Sep/30/2010 )

Hi everyone!

I need to use a positive control for apoptosis in vero and mcf-7 cells. What do you recommend me?



UV treatment



For how much time?



You will need to titrate that for yourself as it will depend on the intensity of your UV source, the wavelengths used and the cell types. 50-100 mJ/cm2is usually a good starting point.


You can induce apoptosis using staurosporine.


bori on Wed Dec 29 20:16:29 2010 said:

You can induce apoptosis using staurosporine.

I agree with bori. Its best to use staurosporine or something similar.

Staurosporine: 1 uM, 6-12 hrs, usually kills 50% cells.