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Need pH 6 Cell culture media - (Sep/30/2010 )


I am currently using DMEM + FBS + Pen strep for my cell line. I would like to bring the media down to a pH of 6. Everytime I bring the pH down, the CO2 in the incubator combined with the sodium bicarbonate in the media bring the pH right back up within a half hour. I have tried bringing the pH down to 4 then back up to 6, thinking I may have saturated the buffer however that is not the case. In the literature there are many instances in which media of pH 6 is used, without any mention of how it is prepared. If you have any suggestions please let me know!



Hola, you could buy the powdered medium and prepare it at the wish pH, and sterilize filtering by 0.22um.Sigma has it, and in its information comes how to made it. Good luck