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cloning more than 1 gene into vector if no IRES available - Xenopus IRES? if not, what to do? (Sep/28/2010 )

Hi there,everyone :)

I want to clone 2 genes into a vector to use in Xenopus laevis, and I am not sure that fusing them is a good idea. Has anyone used an IRES in xenopus? not much info about that out there. And if there is no IRES, how would you get 2 different genes expressed in 1 vector???

many many thanks, smarties!


You could try a 2A peptide. Here's a reference: Development of 2A peptide-based strategies in the design of multicistronic vectors. PMID:15934839. And here they use it for Xenopus: Manipulating Heat Shock Factor-1 in Xenopus Tadpoles: Neuronal Tissues Are Refractory to Exogenous Expression. PMID:20405018.




Vow, that's a great advice, rsm!!! Thanks so much - and you even found a xenopus reference!!!! I will definitely try the 2A out.