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Cell pellet frozen -80 then -20 - (Sep/28/2010 )

Hey guys,
Its my first time to post anything here and I hope I can get some help. My problem is that I had 12 different cell lines, snap frozen them and stored in -80C so later on I can extract protein for western blotting. However we moved labs from one city to another and the cell pellets were misplaced from -80C to -20C. Is it still possible to lyse them and extract my protein? given that my protein is in the plasma membrane.
Thanks guys,


If they were frozen all the time they should be OK, though this will vary according to how long they have been stored and the presence of protease inhibitors.


There can definitely be a difference between storage at -80 and -20, especially long term. But if it was only a brief period there probably won't be a problem. The only real way to find out is use them.

-Don Boyce-

I think cells will be still functional and healthy in -20 freezer, provided not for a long time.

-why and how-

Thanks guys. I really appreciate your help.