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Recommendation for cell cycle analysis software needed - (Sep/23/2010 )

I am performing CFSE and Hoe33342/Pyronin Y stainings for cell cycle experiments and I am looking for a software to analyze my FACS data. Additionally, I would like to do histogram overlays.
I've heard about ModFit, FlowJo and FCS Express. Are you experienced with these softwares (or at least with one of them) or can you recommend one?


It is about a week that I have downloaded a software called Cyflogic v1.2.1

It is a very fast software and doesn't take time to load. I installed it on 2 different computers but for the second one I got error so I installed through windows safe mode, but now works fine on XP.

It lets you do histogram overlay analysis. it is a little hard to navigate through different samples, but the good thing about it is that you can copy the images to clipboard then paste in microsoft word or photoshop.