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Silencing of a miRNA family - (Sep/22/2010 )


I am relatively new to the miRNA field and would like to ask for your advise. I am interested in a specific family consisting of 6 miRNAs. I would like to silence the entire family at the same time. I know that I for example can use anti-miR from Ambion to silence one miRNA. What I wounder is if anyone has any experience in using several of these (or something similar from another company) at the same time? Is it possible to silence several miRNAs at the same time?



Hello Isa,

Yes, it is possible. See for instance this paper:
Li H, Kloosterman W, Fekete DM. MicroRNA-183 Family Members Regulate Sensorineural Fates in the Inner Ear. J Neurosci. 2010 Mar 3;30(9):3254-63.
"Unless otherwise stated, MOs were injected at the following concentrations: miR-96 MO (96 MO), 0.5 mM; miR-182/183 MO (182/183 MO), 1 mM each; all 3 miRNA MO (all3 MO), 0.5 mM each"


- Jon

-Jon Moulton-