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regenerate qiagen midi columns - how to reuse the midiprep DNA columns (Sep/22/2010 )

Hello everyone,
I would like to reuse the midiprep columns qiagen (the ones that use QBT to equilibrate them first).
I didn't find any method available and I presume that if you know the material they are probably we should be able to regenerate them for a new preparation. I am sure I will use them only for the same plasmid extraction.
Many thanks and Best things


A few years ago my lab found a product for regenerating miniprep columns - not sure if this will work for you but might be worth checking out. It worked fine when we used it on Qiagen miniprep columns but maybe it would be best to keep a particular filter for a particular plasmid, so as to minimise the risk of mixing your plasmid preps!

Good luck,




I will check the website with a friend, translating the german language.

I tried to regenerate the spin columns (MIDI Qiagen) with:
- 10 mL ddH2O
- 4 mL QBT
and then used them with the original protocol for midiprep.

And the resulting pellet had a very good quality.

Clearly I used the column for the same plasmid purified previously.
I won't use the column for different plasmids.

I am storing the spin-column wet in ddH2O but I am thinking about a method to dry it before to store it, to avoid mould.
Any hint?
Best of luck


I would store it in something to inhibit bacterial growth -- low percentage ethanol, or even TE would be better than water.