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sterilizing and fixing - (Sep/19/2010 )

Hey, i would like to ask a question regarding sterilizing a coverslip.

I'm growing biofilm of pseudomonas aeruginosa in a conical flask using TSB and a coverslip, i was thinking of sterilizing them separately. If i were to sterilize the cover slips, i want to use a 70% ethanol and UV for 30 minutes while i'm not very sure how to sterilize the TSB. Is there any recommendation to sterilize them both at the same time and separately?

And i was told to use DAPI and ruthenium red for staining, what is the recommended concentration to use and the duration to let it stain? also how do i fix the microbes in the cover slips?

Thank you in advance. I appreciate any help given :)


Have you read this topic?


i understand on how to sterilize them.. but i'm still unsure on DAPI and ruthenium red for staining... is there any website or reference that i can use or protocol that i can follow?

so to fix the cells can i use lysine?